Rising Nigerian music act OGC Maraji has shared his soulful debut EP ”The Epiphany”, a collection of singles highlighting his penmanship and his vocal dexterity.

“Epiphany”, like a sacred diary hidden in the depths of an abandoned attic, was created from a place of hurt, confusion, depression, and self isolation. According to OGC, the project was centered around inspiring and uplifting the mood of its listener.

The opener ”Life 2 (Intro)” is a testament to experiencing true love from family and friends during some of life’s darkest moment. The track is simply an Ode to his loved ones.


The third single ”Uncle Dede” is simply a story about a young man growing up in a home without a father and assisting his mother in making ends meet for himself and his family.

The final single of the EP ”Drag” is a sensational love song, It is Afro-fusion inclined. It is just A man in love telling the woman he is Love with to have her way at anything she wants and he won’t complain. He said even if she’s wrong at any point in time that he won’t complain, He went as far as saying that he doesn’t mind if she’s dating him and someone else at a time because he loves her so much. This is the only song on the EP that has a fe

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