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Favy Ijomah

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Nothing compares to the satisfaction I get from turning a blank canvas into a finished product..

Hi! My name is Favy Ijomah I'm a   3D Character Artist, Animator, and Game Designer. Creating beautiful characters and animations that people from all walks of life can identify with is something I like doing for a living. Anything from teasers to reveals to short videos to game trailers to game characters, I'm up for the challenge.
I have a strong affinity for characters and their inherent potential for solving unique problems and telling stories. I enjoy connecting with and empathizing with the brands with which I collaborate because I believe that by becoming passionate about their mission, I can use my creative design to add value to any brand or product and contribute to real change in the world. As a dedicated digital artist, I'm always looking forward to new projects and opportunity to produce beautiful artwork while also learning more about the process of being creative.

How I Work
My creative process includes a lot of experimenting and exploring. The best works of art are the result of a never-ending cycle of experimentation and testing. This is my goal: to push the frontiers of design and storytelling by experimenting in new ways.

Adaptable and Passionate
I'm a quick study when it comes to learning new things. Since I feel that everyone you encounter has something to teach you, I am always eager to learn from new people and the many different perspectives they may provide.

I’m a Big Fan of Using Movement to Tell Stories.
I’m enthralled by the idea of bringing life to inanimate objects. From the casual bouncing ball to the intricate turns in a cyberpunk machine engine, I like to find the intention in movement of any degree and incorporate psychology into my work. These innocuous, yet fascinating, movements serve as inspiration for me on occasion.

Think and create in Systems
First, I focus on solving problems and then converting those solutions into well-structured design systems that can be implemented.

Teamwork and collaboration are important to me.
When it comes to accomplishing great things, I believe that the power of the team is essential. I’m a big fan of working with other creatives, and I’m motivated by the unique talents of each member of my team.

100% Work Progress.

(05 Reviews)

100% Work Progress.

(05 Reviews)

Customer relation 90%
Project planning 90%
3D products modelling 80%
3D character modelling 85%
3D animation 85%
Rendering 85%

Welcome to my World of creativity