3D character & product modelling

⦿I bring Life to your ideas through the creation of 3D Models.
⦿I enhance your visual communication through 3D modelling!
⦿ I help tweak costly design mistakes before production
⦿I make your product design process easier through 3D

3D Animation

⦿I create stunning animations or marketing images with 3D models.
⦿I am highly experienced in using professional software needed for providing custom 3D animation services for projects of any complexity.
⦿The best way to make the 3D world as realistic as possible is by blurring the lines between the virtual and the real world, and to fill it with highly detailed animation.

Shortfilm & Trailers

⦿I bringing your imaginations to realization

⦿I help tell your story in a beautiful and eye catching way.

⦿I am Well positioned as 3d generalist with transparent project management and well-organized processes of the animation pipeline.
⦿ I always aim to meet agreed deadlines within the designated budget and scope of needs, taking into account all requirements for style and quality.

To my potential clients

Favy Ijomah

Years Experience

Nothing compares to the satisfaction I get from turning a blank canvas into a finished product.

Hi! My name is Favy Ijomah I'm a   3D Character Artist, Animator, and Game Designer. Creating beautiful characters and animations that people from all walks of life can identify with is something I like doing for a living. Anything from teasers to reveals to short videos to game trailers to game characters, I'm up for the challenge.

100% Work Progress.

(05 Reviews)

100% Work Progress.

(05 Reviews)

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Awards & Accomplishments

JUNE 2020

NDUZI. The African Gaming Guide

November 2020

3D Animation Instructor Hamplus Technology.

September 2020

Bsc Computer Science,Delta State University.

November 2014

Insignia Technolabs Python Awards.

December 2018

Insignia Technolabs UX/UI Awards.